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Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Pink

Explain what Puma’s Project Pink is about and why are you involved?

When I heard about Project Pink, I thought it was such a great idea and knew I wanted to get involved and help however I could. Breast cancer affects so many women across the country and around the world, and awareness is truly the first step. At its heart, the program is about bringing young women together in support of the fight against breast cancer -- and it's such a great opportunity for us, as athletes, to reach out and work together with our fans. PUMA created a line of Project Pink gear, and they're donating 100% of their profits to the cause. But instead of PUMA deciding who the money is going to be donated to, they created a website at that allows anyone to go on and nominate, then come back and vote for, the charity they think is most deserving of the funds that are raised. They also brought back the Twitter hash tag #projectpink and are donating an extra dollar, up to $25,000, anytime it's used through the end of October.

According to researchers, 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer at some time in their life.  Many factors to reduce those rates include incorporating a healthy diet and a moderate exercise routine into your day -- besides soccer, what type of diet and exercise regime do you have?

Since I have been a little girl, my mom and dad enforced a healthy lifestyle in our household. My sister and I were always very active, always playing outside and involved in a lot of different sports. My mom always was a very healthy eat and cook, she always enouraged my sister and I to have colorful plates (with lots of fruits and vegetables). Still to this day, as a professional athlete or not, it is my lifestyle. I exercise 6 days out of the week and allow myself to have one day where I splurge on some of my favorite things. I believe a lot in moderation and that is a huge part of my life:) I love doing different types of exercise- hiking, bikram yoga, biking and running:) I believe it's also good for my body and mind to change up the types of exercise I do.

Do you have any personal experience in dealing with breast cancer (i.e. family, friends, neighbors)?  If so, what advice would you give those who have someone close to them living  with the disease?

I'm lucky to be able to say that no one in my immediate family has been affected by breast cancer, but I do have a close teammate and friend whose mom went through it. I felt like I almost went through it with her, just because I saw firs thand how it affected her family. It really hit home -- I couldn't help but think, what if that happened to me and my family? [feel free to add in any advice you might give here]

Over the weekend the U.S. played in the FIFA Women’s World Cup against Japan.  What do you feel this game meant to the U.S. and to young women athletes?

The game probably changed a lot of lives. By lives I mean literally. I think the biggest thing it did was give hope and inspiration to a lot of young female athletes. The women showed strength, dedication, unity, determination, fight, heart and many many other things. Women's soccer and female professional athletes have changed in this country and thanks to the women' s team for helping that. I know when I was younger, the 99' team changed my life.

What soccer related item do you tend to incorporate into your everyday style?  i.e. hoodie, soccer shorts, etc.

Wow- well it's more like Puma everything. Every day I wear my Puma gear:) Since I train every day, I am always in soccer shorts and cleats with a soccer training top. After training and on my days off, I wear lots of Puma skirts, tanks and training outfits. At night, I like to wear my soccer hoodies and track jackets.

When you’re not on the field, how would you describe your style?

I love fashion. I like to dress up a lot -- probably more than most athletes -- and I like experimenting with different styles. I tend to be pretty girly,  wearing lots of dresses and boots. More of a European look.

Project PinkIf you had to wear one pink item every day for one week to support Project Pink, what would that item be?  i.e. pink Puma sneakers, pink heels, pink jewelry, etc.

I wear so much Pink every day. But for Puma Project PInk gear, I would wear my pink shoes-both cleats and sneakers:) I also like wearing pink headbands and sports bras.

You support the Boys & Girls clubs and Grassroot Soccer, how do you decide which charities you like to be involved with?

I get involved with the charities that mean the most to me. I love kids so I have been
involved with Boys and Girl's Clubs and America Scores in the past because I believe in changing kid's lives. And if I can help or affect one kid, it is a success:)

Previously you’ve modeled, what designers do you love and feel their clothes fit you the best?

I like doing fashion shows and helping different designers out. Since I have been able to travel around the world since I have been younger, I have been able to see and be part of so many different cultures around the world. I really like BCBG for dresses, they always seem to fit so great. I also like shopping at LIT Boutique in Boston, Madewell, long dresses at Anthropologie. My favorite places to shop are at boutiques:)

Leslie, Thank you for your involvement in Project Pink.  I appreciate your time and thanks for being an inspiration for young women!

Thank you for interviewing me:) GO Project Pink:)


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