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Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2011

USA... USA... USA...

Wow, the path the US team took to get to the World Cup was crazy and not exactly what anyone anticipated.

Starting back in September with the lost to Mexico at the CONCACAF WWC qualifiers. As a result, they had to travel to Italy and Chicago to beat Italy in a 2 game series. Fortunately we won both games.

Then in the lead up to the WWC, we lost to England in April. Then on top of that, Lindsay Tarpley, who was playing the best soccer of her career tore her ACL in the last send off series playing against Japan. The team lost a closed door scrimmage vs Norway. This team had faced adversity and many unexpected challenges leading up to the WWC. The team and coaching staff have faced criticism and a lack of media attention as a result.

Anyone who has played for Team USA or knows any of the players get it. They know the MENTALITY, HEART and GRIT each of the player's has. The path that the team has taken to Germany has prepared them for the final. From every player has shown the heart and determination of a USWNT player.

The Brazil game was a perfect showcase for TEAM USA. Playing down a player for more than 70 minutes, the team found a way to win. It seemed every player knew their role and never seemed to give up on each other. The game changed women's soccer! This team can never be compared to the '99 team because they have a different story. Thank you to TEAM USA for showing us anything is possible.




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