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Posted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boston Breakers...

This is crazy, it is April 11th and we play our first game today. We have been training and hanging out together for the last 5 weeks. I don't know where to begin...A lot has happened the last 5 weeks of my life! I moved to Boston and am living on the East Coast for the first time. Been living in CA for the last 8 years so this is a big change:) I have had some interesting experiences to say the least.

Here are some of them:

TEAM WORK - We park in the mud at Harvard University and since we have been getting lots of rain, I knew someone would eventually get stuck. I was the first victim of course. It took me about 10 minutes of trying before some of my teammates heard what was going on. Our Spanish player Laura Del Rio came to the rescue along with about 7 of my other teammates. They tried several maneuvers trying to figure it out. Jordan Angeli actually fell in the mud trying to push my car out. The funny part is that 3 other staff members and players got stuck after I did:) Team Work!!


TIM TEBOW- BREAKERS ARE BIG FANS NOW - We spent our preseason at the University of Florida, in Gainsville for 10 days!! One of the most exciting parts was running into Tim Tebow at our hotel. We took a picture with him and already got his support for the Breakers! He is a very nice guy and it was great to meet such a good role model!! We played 4 out of our 5 preseason games against the U-20 National Team, New Jersey Sky Blue, the Atlanta Beat and the University of Florida. The outcomes were not as good as we wanted but playing high quality games will help us in the long run. Florida was great for team bonding:) We did team bonding activities, movies, laid out at the pool, lots of training, sushi, walks and even attending some college baseball games:)

Tim Tebow

BREAKERS ARE THE NEXT TOP MODELS - I'm lucky to be in Boston because there is so much to do and be a part of. I love fashion and have been part of shows. Fashion in Boston is not as big as New York and other places but every Thursday night, there are great fashion shows at the Liberty Hotel. Luckily, 4 of us Breakers had a great opportunity to walk the runway!! The fashion show was for Muze clothing to help raise money for the Ray Allen Foundation!!! We had a long night but really fun night, two and half hours of make up, hair and styling done!! It was pretty cool to be a model for the night and feel like we were on America's Next Top Model!! Check out the great pictures!! The other 4 models (who were real models) helped us backstage with our fierce catwalk and poses:) We even had support from our other teammates, we still have been getting razzed with our modeling skills:)

Leslie Osborne

EASTER-JUST ANOTHER HOLIDAY - Easter time is a great celebration to be around family! I have spent plenty of holidays without my family, so this is nothing new to me. I decided to stay in Boston instead of flying across the country. Thank you to the Zecca's (who are owners for the Breakers). They welcomed Jordan Angeli, Taryn Hemmings and I into their family and had an amazing day with them! The family, house, atmosphere, food, drink and company were so great! Thank you again:)