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Posted: Friday, February 27, 2009 - 11:49 pm

Project Runway

I don't know how many of you watch Project Runway but Heidi Klum is my favorite girl. I love fashion, I love projects and challenges and I love Heidi.

Well this past weekend, I felt like I was on the mini set for Project Runway. And anyone who is familiar with the show may know the name Christian Serginio, who was very popular during season 4. He is only 22 years old and is already making his mark in the fashion industry.

Christian was kind enough to work with Puma and our new Women's Professional League to help us unveil the new uniforms for our 2009 league. He could choose two different uniform colors to design two dresses from the material of our uniforms. He chose St. Louis Athletica grey and Washington Freedom red and created two snazzy dresses.

Fashion Show

The other great part of Project Runway is the actual part where the models get to show off the designer's work and strut their stuff. Well fourteen of the WPS girls flew into New York to unveil the uniform kit (both home and away)

Myself and Tina DeMartino- FC GOLD PRIDE (black and gold)
Nikki Krizik and Carli Lloyd- CHICAGO RED STARS (baby blue and white)
Allie Long and Sarah Huffman- WASHINGTON FREEDOM (navy and red)
Amy Rodriguez and Angela Hucles- BOSTON BREAKERS (Blue and white)
Heather O'Reilly and Christie Rampone- NEW YORK SKY BLUE (blue and orange)
Marta and Johanna Frisk- LOS ANGELES SOL (navy and white)

All of the players met in New York the day before the fashion show and go to do some great media opportunities. Some girls went on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CNN and other local media events.

Leslie Osborne

On Tuesday, the day of the show, we all met at the New York Fashion event warehouse where the fashion show would take place. Marta, Amy Rodriguez and I (all Puma athletes) arrived the earliest to do some extra media. We all got our hair styled and make up done as well as dressed for the night!! When all the girls were dressed and made up, we all went up stairs to do a rehearsal with our great host Summer Sanders. We then did some tv coverage, photoshoots and met with a couple youth club teams that were there to support us!!

The next time we came up for the show to start we were blown away with how many people were there. There was a "green" carpet, huge Puma signs and WPS signs, cameras, people, waiters/waitresses and people packed along the runway. Later to find out there were around 250 people there, both media and fans:) Please take a look on to check out the uniform kits and actual pictures from the event itself.

Leslie Osborne

It was an exciting time and opportunity for us to be part of. Puma did a great job with the event!! If you have any comments about the skirt that I was wearing, please email me:)

We are only 4 days away from the start of pre-season:)

If you haven't gotten your season tickets for the FC Gold Pride games, make sure you get them soon!!